Picture the scene, it is 2.45am and having been awoken by a spectacular storm lighting up the sky. All you are thinking is 8 months of hard work and preparation, all bases covered and everything in place to make Harp of Gold Party in the Parish the biggest and best FUN DAY the village has ever seen.
The day was chosen 6 months in advance. What can you do but push on.

Everybody knows the story and they also know that over the last 12 months the Harp of Gold team have been establishing themselves as quite a team in their quest to aid a former school friend and local charities close to peoples’ hearts.

The Friday was a stunning, warm day, people arrived to help in the setting up process Audley Football Club was looking resplendent and the signature colours of Harp of Gold’s blue and gold bunting flying high down Old Road, leading to a set up that wetted the appetite in anticipation of a Fun Day that could only be described as amazing and memorable.
The work the team put into arranging such events whilst having lives, jobs and families of their own is quite an achievement.
So to the day itself, Saturday 19th July 2014, the wettest day of the summer so far, but that didn’t detract from the entertainment on offer and the amount of things to do and see. As last year, the food on offer was outstanding.

The marquee filled with the local baking qualities of a team gathered together by Katie Weatherington was quite simply cake baking at its best and went down a storm with the locals as did the BBQ, and the team led by Steve Harrison and Nicola Eardley worked tirelessly to keep everybody’s bellies full and spirits high.
There were times of tears during the first few hours of the day, when the clouds and rain threatened to never break and render the day a bit of a washout. But as 1pm approached the tears turned to smiles and the smiles to laughter as first the rain stopped, then the clouds began to lighten and the people began to flock through the gate to witness the rematch of the football game from last year’s Fun Day between Sir Thomas Boughey Old Boys and the National Veterinary Service.

Mike Pejic, the former Stoke City and England legend was on hand to keep the proceedings in check during a hard fought and competitive encounter, where class and fitness ultimately told and the victors for the second year running were the Boughey boys. After going a goal down to a dubious free kick decision, goals from Matt Buckley, Jase Oliver, Gaz Jenks, Lee Melvin and a brace from Steve Harp’s cousin, Dave Ward enabled them to run out 6-1 winners. Captain Gary Pedley lifted the Harp of Gold Cup again with the help of attending Steve Harp and his family, as once again Mr. Gould of Sir Thomas Boughey High School was on hand to oversee the presentation ceremony and to offer a few words about the work of the Harp of Gold team and Steve himself.

Many thanks once again must go to 6 Towns Radio, for their continued support and to village restaurant Alessi for their sponsorship of the football.
National Veterinary Services for once again providing a worthy opponent to the Sir Thomas Boughey High School team and to all of the Harp of Gold sponsors, donators, volunteers, and the people that braved the elements to attend the second annual event held by the group. Without them there would not be a Harp of Gold Fun Day.
Finally, Ade would once again like to express his massive gratitude to the Harp of Gold team for their continued hard work and commitment to the cause.
What you guys have done over the last year is quite remarkable and special praise is reserved for the efforts of Emma Harrison who pulled so much together and spent countless hours to make sure everything was in place and organised along with co-founder Maz Horne.

Everybody in the team has a specific role and without one cog the wheel which is the Harp of Gold Team would not function, a massive thanks to you all: Ginty Thorley, Claire and Kath White, Rob Ellis, Matt Cotterill, Katie Weatherington, Sarah Wintle, Emma Taylor, Jill Walker, Phoebe Home and of course Maz Horne, Emma Harrison and Ade Martin.
The picture above shows left to right top row, a representative of 6 Towns Radio, Mike Pejic, Steve’s mum, Sarah Wintle Steve’s partner bottom centre Steve, with Ade Martin.
Keep an eye out on Facebook, local press and the Audley Community News of upcoming Harp of Gold events and here’s to next year’s annual FUN DAY.